Quality security fencing products require attention to detail, great design, the best raw materials, and a commitment to providing the best fence systems possible.

Our fences do all that, and more.

They’re designed to no only demarcate boundaries, but to provide a robust physical barrier that will keep intruders out. Because you can’t cut our fences with hand held tools, and you can’t climb them very easily either.

Our fences are also designed to stand the test of time. Because we understand that perimeter security is an investment, and we want to give our customers products that will give them years (or decades) of trouble free service.

There are several ways we do this.




We source our steel from north American suppliers and distributors, and use only the best quality, ASTM and CSA approved coil, beams and structural sections to construct our fencing. A solid structure means you get a solid fence, and that’s exactly what the growing security needs in Canada demand.


We hot dip galvanize our products after manufacture, which means that every cut and weld is protected from the elements. Because your fence is only as corrosion resistant as it’s weakest points. If your fence supplier is galvanizing their material before it’s been cut and fabricated, your fence may not stand up to the elements the way it should.


Our fences are constructed using strong, high quality security bolts and nuts. Because your fence is only as strong as it’s weakest part. Once our fences are up, they’re very hard to take apart.


There’s an old saying: if you want something done right, do it yourself. We firmly believe that that’s the best way to ensure that our fence products meet our high standards, and that’s why we make them ourselves, in our North Vancouver workshop.


Our fences are designed to mix and match, and there are virtually endless combinations of components, finishes, heights and installation methods you can choose, to create the fence you need.

We work with our customers to design a perimeter security fence system that meets their security needs, their budget, and their aesthetic requirements.

Some of the basic options you will choose include:


Hardings Security Fencing manufactures two different pale profiles: W and D. These profiles are named for their distinctive shapes, and they form the cladding on many of our fence systems. They’re roll formed in our factory from black steel coil in 14ga, 12ga or 11ga material, and they can be mixed and matched to suit your fencing needs.


All of our palisade fence systems are hot dip galvanized after manufacture, but you do also have the option to have them powder coated after that. Powder coating adds aesthetic appeal and improves the corrosion resistance of steel fencing, so it’s a worthwhile investment in durability and style. Our fences are generally available in black, green and white, but other colors are available on request, subject to quote.


Our palisade fence systems are available with a variety of different pale styles. For high risk sites where security is a priority, we offer the triple pointed pale, which is an effective deterrent. Slightly lower risk sites are ideal for the spear pointed pale, while residential sites, schools and other low risk fence projects are perfect for the rounded or rounded and notched styles.Speak to your Hardings Security Fencing representative about which style is best for your project.

Eagle Crest Estates

"They told us they could do a custom build to our specifications for whatever we needed. They delivered on that promise with exceptional work and follow up."

Canadian Tire

"After a series of break-ins at our Central Surrey Canadian Tire location ... The team at Hardings came up with a custom design that put a stop to the problems we were having. Since the security fencing and gates have been installed, we are more than happy with the end result..."

Hardings Steel

Our company offers over 50 years experience in metal processing, machinery forming and many other fabrication processes. We now have a high tech water jet cutting machine which is capable of cutting intricate and complicated designs on a wide variety of materials.