Hardings Security Fencing is a Canadian owned and operated designer and manufacturer of high security fencing systems. We aim to bring better fences to Canadian end users throughout the country, but in order to ensure that they get the best advice and service, we need a national network of dealers.

We prefer our dealers to be knowledgeable about fencing and perimeter security, so that they can give end users the best possible advice. Usually, that means that our dealers are also fence contractors, but we welcome applications from companies and individuals who aren’t directly involved in fencing too.

Dealers get preferential pricing on our products, but there are other benefits to joining the program too.


Product Support

We’ve got lots of product information on our website, but when you’re a Hardings Security Fencing dealer, you have access to more drawings, product information and data sheets. Which means when you have to provide O&M manuals, you’ve got everything at your fingertips.

Watertight Warranties

We stand behind our products. We use the heaviest and best quality steel in the high security fence business. We manufacture in house, so we can check quality every step of the way. We hot dip galvanize after manufacture. Which is why we can offer up to 20 year written warranties on our products.

Limited Competition

Making money as a dealer isn’t easy when you’re competing against many other dealers. That’s why we limit our dealer network to one supplier per 100,000 people. Because we want our dealers to succeed, and that’s one of the best ways to make that happen.

Sell More, Make More

When you join our dealer network, you’ll automatically qualify for dealer rates, but our dealers also have the opportunity to earn better discounts. The more fencing you sell, the better the discount structure you will qualify for when we do your annual review.

Dealer discounts are based on the total volume of fencing sold over a twelve month period, and we don’t penalize dealers for seasonal fluctuations.

Eagle Crest Estates

"They told us they could do a custom build to our specifications for whatever we needed. They delivered on that promise with exceptional work and follow up."

Canadian Tire

"After a series of break-ins at our Central Surrey Canadian Tire location ... The team at Hardings came up with a custom design that put a stop to the problems we were having. Since the security fencing and gates have been installed, we are more than happy with the end result..."

Hardings Steel

Our company offers over 50 years experience in metal processing, machinery forming and many other fabrication processes. We now have a high tech water jet cutting machine which is capable of cutting intricate and complicated designs on a wide variety of materials.