When space is limited, but you still need a large swing gate installed, the solution may well be a bi fold gate.

Bi fold gates, also known as concertina gates or articulated gates, are not a common sight in Canada. In fact, you may struggle to find them anywhere else. Hardings Security Fencing, however, can manufacture them to meet your height and width requirements.

Bi Fold Gate Materials

Our bi fold gates, like all other Hardings Security Fencing gates, are manufactured from high quality, super tough HSS steel, which we hot dip galvanize after manufacture. They’re very similar to most of our other gates, but unlike our other gates, these gates are usually a custom manufacture item.

We design each bi fold gate to suit the site, so that you get years of trouble free service. Just like all of our other products.


Eagle Crest Estates

"They told us they could do a custom build to our specifications for whatever we needed. They delivered on that promise with exceptional work and follow up."

Canadian Tire

"After a series of break-ins at our Central Surrey Canadian Tire location ... The team at Hardings came up with a custom design that put a stop to the problems we were having. Since the security fencing and gates have been installed, we are more than happy with the end result..."

Hardings Steel

Our company offers over 50 years experience in metal processing, machinery forming and many other fabrication processes. We now have a high tech water jet cutting machine which is capable of cutting intricate and complicated designs on a wide variety of materials.