We are a fence manufacturer, but we aim to be so much more to our clients too. We aim to be a full service partner, and a valuable source of information.

High security fencing systems are relatively new to most people in Canada. Since we have a global team of fence professionals who have many years of experience in this field, we aim to educate, assist and advise wherever possible.



If you're having trouble creating your specifications, or you're not sure what type of security fencing system is best suited to your site, we can help. Our team is happy to visit your site, view your blueprints, and work with you to design a specification that meets your budget, security and aesthetic requirements.


There are nearly endless ways that you can put together our fence components, to design your own security fence solution, but we do also offer a custom design and manufacturing services. So if your site demands something that just isn't available off the shelf, we can still help.

Contractor Program

Most of our fences require a fairly high level of skill to install. So while we're happy to give you fence installation instructions if you're feeling handy, we also have a long list of recommended contractors located throughout Canada, who will be happy to assist.


  • "They told us they could do a custom build to our specifications for whatever we needed. They delivered on that promise with exceptional work and follow up."

    Eagle Crest Estates, New Westminster, BC
  • "We got in contact with Hardings Security Fencing to provide fencing around dock gates to prevent intrusion. The custom design and features were of the highest quality, and the supply and installation was done quickly and efficiently."

    Lynnwood Marina, Industrial Park
  • "We have worked with Hardings Security Fencing for 4 years now and are extremely happy with all the work they have installed around our complex."

    Rick Harris, Superintendent, Building Services, North Vancouver Recreation Commission
  • "Hardings Security Fencing understood the high standards that our building has and are most efficient in delivering well within our time limits. We would highly recommend working with the Hardings Security Team as their security fencing and willingness to help is second to none."

    The Qube, Strata Council
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