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Our Fabrica range of palisade fencing offers moderate to high security when compared to most other fences out there, but it's designed to be contractor friendly.

Instead of our heavy duty I beam posts, Fabrica fences use more familiar Sched 40 posts, which are more forgiving when it comes to installation, but also super strong and sturdy.
We use a pre formed bracket to attach a lighter weight horizontal, but still use our tamper proof shear off nuts to keep your fence secure. Add D section pales, also with anti vandal fittings, and you've got a fence that offers better security, improved aesthetics, and years of trouble free service.


  • "They told us they could do a custom build to our specifications for whatever we needed. They delivered on that promise with exceptional work and follow up."

    Eagle Crest Estates, New Westminster, BC
  • "We got in contact with Hardings Security Fencing to provide fencing around dock gates to prevent intrusion. The custom design and features were of the highest quality, and the supply and installation was done quickly and efficiently."

    Lynnwood Marina, Industrial Park
  • "We have worked with Hardings Security Fencing for 4 years now and are extremely happy with all the work they have installed around our complex."

    Rick Harris, Superintendent, Building Services, North Vancouver Recreation Commission
  • "Hardings Security Fencing understood the high standards that our building has and are most efficient in delivering well within our time limits. We would highly recommend working with the Hardings Security Team as their security fencing and willingness to help is second to none."

    The Qube, Strata Council
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