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  • Is Hardings Security Fencing a Contractor? +

    No. While we have, in the past, undertaken a few small, highly technical projects in the Vancouver area, we are, first and foremost, a fence manufacturer and supplier. Read More
  • What Is the Contractor Program? +

    The Contractor Program is a program that prequalifies highly skilled fence contractors as installers that are recommended by Hardings Security Fencing as installers of our product. Because we don't install fencing ourselves, we do recommend contractors to our clients based on area, capacity and other factors. If you are a fence contractor, and you would like to join the program, contact us! Read More
  • Where Do You Ship To? +

    We ship our products to contractors and end users throughout Canada and beyond. If you are interested in our products, contact us to find out if we can ship to you, and to get a quotation. Read More
  • Are These the Only Products You Supply? +

    No. Hardings Security Fencing is a fence manufacturer. We design and manufacture a huge variety of largely interchangeable fence components, all of which can be configuered in almost endless ways. But we also design and manufacture custom fence materials. If you need something specific, get in touch, and let's see how we can help. Read More
  • Can I Get Specifications and Drawings? +

    Yes. We do have general specifications and drawings published on this site, in the downloads section. However, we do also offer drawings and specifications for closeout documents. Project specific or custom drawings are only available to customers with fully paid balances. Read More
  • What Is Palisade Fencing? +

    Palisade fencing is a component based type of metal panel fencing. It is higher security than chain link, and when hot dipped galvanized like our fences are, offers a high degree of corrosion resistance as well as resistance to damage and vandalism. Read More
  • Can You Install My Fence? +

    In most cases, no. We are primarily a fence manufacturer and supplier, and we prefer to let professional contractors get the job done right. On occasion, however, and usually in the Vancouver area, we have been asked to install small fences that are very technical or have a high level of difficulty, that requires a lot of customization. In those cases, we do sometimes do the install in house, simply to keep the costs lower for the end user, and because they are simply not profitable for fence contractors to do. Generally, however, if you do need installation, you can visit our recommended contractors page, and find one in your area. Read More
  • Can Your Fence Be Cut? +

    Every fence can be cut. If you have the time and the right tools. However, while chain link fencing can be cut with dollar store wire cutters, you need a grinder, a generator, and some time to get through our fences. That means lots of noise, sparks, and commotion, and will almost certainly attract attention. In fact, if someone were to cut through one of our fences with a hand held tool, we'd replace that component free of charge. Read More
  • Can Your Fence Be Climbed? +

    Once again, this is a common question, and the short answer is that given the right tools and enough time, most fences can be climbed. However, unlike mesh fences which have convenient hand and foot holds built right in, our fences are a lot more difficult to get over. When our customers choose a spear or triple pointed spike top to their pale, there's also a nasty surprise waiting at the top. So while it is theoretically possible to climb any fence, including our own, we've found that most people don't. They'll rather scale the neighbor's fence, because it's easier to do. Read More
  • Why Do You Hot Dip Galvanize? +

    There are many people and companies out there who will tell you that zinc plated, painted or powder coated material last just as long, or that there's no risk of corrosion when you use electrogalvanized material to manufacture fencing. The facts simply don't support that though. According to everyone from CSA to the American Galvanizers Association, hot dip galvanizing lasts longer. Until there is some definitive proof that there is a better option in terms of finishing for our fences, we will continue to supply hot dip galvanized materials, simply because we want to offer our customers a fence that will last, and that we are proud to put our name on. Read More
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  • "They told us they could do a custom build to our specifications for whatever we needed. They delivered on that promise with exceptional work and follow up."

    Eagle Crest Estates, New Westminster, BC
  • "We got in contact with Hardings Security Fencing to provide fencing around dock gates to prevent intrusion. The custom design and features were of the highest quality, and the supply and installation was done quickly and efficiently."

    Lynnwood Marina, Industrial Park
  • "We have worked with Hardings Security Fencing for 4 years now and are extremely happy with all the work they have installed around our complex."

    Rick Harris, Superintendent, Building Services, North Vancouver Recreation Commission
  • "Hardings Security Fencing understood the high standards that our building has and are most efficient in delivering well within our time limits. We would highly recommend working with the Hardings Security Team as their security fencing and willingness to help is second to none."

    The Qube, Strata Council
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